Biden to use a ‘whole of government’ effort to codify elective abortions


Devout Catholic Joe Biden is deeply disturbed by Texas’ new Heartbeat Act which bans most ELECTIVE abortions after the heartbeat is detected. He claimed that not killing babies is an “unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade which has been the law of the land for almost fifty years.”

A constitutional right to kill your baby any time for any reason?

Biden or his handlers are launching a “whole of government” effort to respond to the law, tasking the Department of Health and Human Services and the Justice Department “to see what steps the Federal Government can take to ensure that women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions.”

Kill babies but not vicious criminals who kill people? It’s your body to kill a baby to the moment of birth, inches from daylight, but it’s not your body if they want to jab you? Just mentioning that because it seems contradictory.

It’s a right to kill a baby, say Democrats.

Biden claims the Texas law “blatantly violates” a constitutional right to abortion. Obviously, the Supreme Court didn’t think so because they threw it back to Texas with the cowardly Chief Justice siding with the leftists on the Court.

Biden says it was “outrageous” and the law “deputizes private citizens to bring lawsuits against anyone who they believe has helped another person get an abortion.”

What the law does is allow private citizens to file lawsuits against someone implicit in committing an abortion, including the doctor who performs it or the person who pays for it – in Texas.

“My administration is deeply committed to the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade nearly five decades ago and will protect and defend that right,” Biden or his handlers wrote in a statement.

He plans to tell Congress to codify abortion into law. They need 60 votes for that unless they trash the filibuster which two Democrats say they don’t want to do.

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