Biden to use executive action on Thursday to impose gun ‘laws’


Joe Biden will use executive action to basically pass gun laws. Although they won’t be laws in fact, they will be enforced as if they are.

Politico first reported that the new actions will focus on tightening restrictions around so-called ghost guns. Democratic senators and advocacy groups have pushed Biden in recent weeks to address that particular aspect through executive action.

The government wants to know every gun that exists in the U.S and they want to know who owns it and where it’s kept. Although, they’ve never seemed that interested in the guns gangs use.

Anti-gun activists, including some who attended meetings with Biden officials, told The Hill in February that, through executive order, Biden could eliminate ghost guns by defining what constitutes a gun.

The term ghost guns refer to guns available for purchase, typically without a background check or a serial number, that are not fully finished or may have a missing part.

They also don’t want anyone making their own gun, even temporarily. That would be a ghost gun.

Through executive orders, Biden could also change or expand the definition of who is in the business of selling guns and prioritize funding for community violence prevention programs, according to advocates.

The government doesn’t need to get involved in “who is in the business of selling guns.”

The threat Biden and the other Democrats pose to our Second Amendment cannot be underestimated.

However, it has been great for gun sales.



  1. Does congress still exist? Just kidding.
    The tenth amendment will be on the chopping block next but the second protects all the other amendments and the founder fathers are some of the greatest men ever to live. (racist!)
    They knew about this thing called human nature and that we would eventually end up where we are now which is why Ben Franklin said…a republic if you can keep it.

  2. Democrats really want to start a Civil War so they can use the Military to make a Police State. I suspect Republicans are smarter than that. The Heartland controls food and energy. Deprive Blue States and Cities of both and the Liberals will get in line. Just have a 1 month long Trucker Strike stopping goods to Blue Cities and watch how fast Liberals will march on DC with their guns, burn the Capitol to the ground, and Tar and Feather Politicians. Just be glad that there will be Conservative Republicans to put the fire out, restore Law & Order, and rebuild the Seat of Government. After we move the Federal Government to Kansas or maybe Texas!

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