Five states have nearly half of the new COVID-19 cases


Five states have half of the new COV cases. New York, which had the highest number of new infections across the country last week, is the worst with 52,922 cases for an average of 7,560 a day. That’s 12 percent of the nation’s cases.

New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey accounted for 44 percent of all new infections between March 29 and April 4 with about 197,500 cases out of around 452,000 seen nationwide, data from John Hopkins University show.

Michigan comes in second to New York with a surge of new infections and recorded 47,036 new positives over the last week, for an average of about 6,719 each day. That is nearly double what it was two weeks ago, data show.

New York and Michigan account for 22 percent of all new cases across the nation last week.

Florida logged 37,927 cases, while Pennsylvania recorded 29,847 and New Jersey saw 29,753 new infections.

The concentration of new cases has prompted some experts and elected officials to call on the Biden administration to ship additional vaccines to hot spots. The White House has not indicated it plans to shift its policy.

While sending extra doses to hot spots sounds logical, it could mean states that are doing a better job of controlling the virus will see fewer doses, noted Dr. Elvin H. Geng, an infectious diseases professor at Washington University.

The four blue states are very locked down and Florida is open. It’s further evidence the lockdown is not he solution.



  1. Oh, those pesky spring breakers who invaded Florida … I guess they just had to leave a little memento for the hostess.

  2. The glorious people’s republic of MI has been on mask mandate since last year and on multiple visits over the summer they would take your temperature and no mask meant no entry.
    Many mom and pop places were hanging by a thread with lights out and no workers in sight in the middle of the day.
    Local enemedia is prattling on about Plandemic panic porn right now as 1/5 of Red State has got the kill shot err I mean vaccine and the your “patriotic duty” pablum is in puke mode.
    Do those states have lots of densely packed large cities and metro areas? (hmm so hmm)

  3. New cases in healthy people under 30 are irrelevant. People below 30 are more likely to die from the common flu. In NYC, the Covid epicenter, the death rate of healthy people under 30 was on the order of .002% and statistically 0 among children under 10. The number of people infected with Covid is irrelevant. That is like saying because 100,000,000 people got the flu this year and 30,000 died we should close down the Country. It’s the real death rate that matters. The reality is America has for the most part reached Herd Immunity and the death rate from Covid is on par with the common flu, but skewed towards older people. You can’t run away from the numbers, so Liberals pick and choose numbers that might scare people. The evidence is that lock downs have no effect on the spread of the virus, but then real science has known this for hundreds of years. Covid is very much under control Medically, but totally out of control Politically. At the rate of vaccination Covid would normally be considered “exotic” by Memorial Day, but the politics will try to keep the “epidemic” alive until the 2022 elections. By the Historical label of “Epidenmic”, Covid was little more than an outbreak because the death rate was grossly over reported. Someone with Terminal Cancer does not die of Covid, they die due to complications caused by the Cancer.

  4. This article tells the states but does not specify rural or urban areas. If 90% of New Yorks cases were in New York City, this should tell us something

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