Biden pushes for partisan Left companies, eliminates his role in sticking it to Atlanta


Biden once again called the harmless Georgia Integrity Security Act a “Jim Crow” law, although it is clearly not true. He then said it is very reassuring that companies are concerned about Jim Crow laws and reacting. He also tried to show he cares about the people in Atlanta who lost more than a hundred million in business once the All Star game was moved. He did it by acting as if he didn’t suggest companies should boycott the All Star game.

He’s a snake, and a liar.

Biden scolded Republicans for not taking the vaccine. What is his proof that Republicans aren’t vaccinated? He stereotyped young, white Republican men as refusing the vaccine.

The puppet president thinks it’s patriotic to take the vaccine. Clearly, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “patriotic.”

When he got to the Feds, he insulted Donald Trump without mentioning his name. He also hasn’t spoken with Jerome Powell. It’s no surprise, how can he fit it in with his busy schedule of doing one thing a day.

At the end, Biden admitted he hasn’t asked President Xi about the origins of the Wuhan China virus.



  1. Partisian left woke companies? A boycott list.
    Chou Bai Den will put the dunce cap on and sit at the children’s table when dealing with CCP and KGB Putin as (s)elections have consequences.
    How are the Taiwan and Ukraine fronts coming along for the long march up the stairs of victory? (LOL!)
    Break off some stimmy checks for Atlanta comrade kommissar Xi Obiden, yes we can!
    All races who wish to survive will avoid the kill shot like the plague and hasn’t Fraudci made enough money and caused enough suffering already?

  2. So the “WOKE” MLB moved the game from a city that is over 50% Black to a city that is 10% Black to help Blacks. You can’t make this stuff up. The only question is will Blacks remember how the Liberal Communist Democrats keep screwing them over in November 2022?

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