Biden told of the need for 20,000 beds to start to handle flood of UAC


Joe Biden was briefed yesterday on the need for 20,000 beds to shelter an expected crush of child migrants.

The rapid influx of unaccompanied children is becoming the administration’s first new crisis. It’s a totally Biden-induced crisis.

On Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said from the White House podium that the current situation is not a crisis. Today, the president will be told the number of migrant kids is on pace to exceed the all-time record by 45% — and the administration doesn’t have enough beds.

Not a crisis?

Even with the new shelters, they can’t keep up with the influx.

This is cruel and inhumane.

DHS currently projects there will be 117,000 unaccompanied child migrants crossing the border this year.

A large number of them are teenagers. Just last month, some 6,000 migrants aged 16 and 17 were caught.

Some are undoubtedly gang kids.

HHS is expected to reach its shelter capacity later this month, according to the two sources.

The administration is looking to accelerate the release of children to sponsors already in the U.S., Axios reported.

The claim is that they will use strict vetting requirements. That is false. They plan to turn the children over to sponsors without social security numbers. Also, sponsors don’t have to prove any relationship to the child. These people could be traffickers.

We are also going to pay for their transport, and then we will bring their families into the country to unite them instead of uniting them in their own country.

Our government is evil.

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2 years ago

Beyond evil Satanic

Borg Hive Collective Dystopia
Borg Hive Collective Dystopia
2 years ago

Crisis? The burn it all down fundamental transformation proceeds.
America last, America no more.
Fairness and equality of results for all means third world USA.
Make plans for a sanctuary in Lady Nature’s realm.