Biden Told the Bleach Injection Lie Again


Oh, shocker, Biden lied again. He does it without flinching. Uncle Joe told an audience that Donald Trump wanted us to inject ourselves with bleach.

“Remember, during the pandemic, Donald Trump told us to inject ourselves with bleach,” Biden said while promoting Obamacare flanked by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

No one remembers that since it never happened, but hey, it’s a good soundbite.

Trump was commenting on remarks about research on ultraviolet light that was distorted.

President Trump – in a discussion with the White House coronavirus task force in April 2020 – allegedly suggested that light and disinfectants might potentially treat the coronavirus. That led the TDS crowd to claim he told people to inject themselves with bleach.

President Trump’s advisor had suggested that bleach and disinfectants kill the virus. Sunlight is a disinfectant.

The President asked if there is a way to get UV light into someone through their skin. There actually is—the sunlamp. They use that on some cancers, but that’s not the point. The President did not suggest that people do it. He very clearly said the experts need to test various approaches.

He never suggested a home remedy or that anyone try it at home. He simply never suggested it. He was simply wondering aloud.

Actually, everything Biden says in this clip is a lie.

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