The West’s Plan to Steal Russia’s Trillions


Peter St. Onge commented on Biden’s call for $300 billion for Ukraine.

“With fresh Ukraine bills blocked, Europe moves to seize $300 billion from the Russian Central Bank and hand it to Kiev for weapons,” St. Onge said.

“If this goes through, it could further threaten faith in the Western financial system. And it could accelerate the flight from the dollar — and the euro — towards hard assets from gold to physical resources.

“There was a time when the US and Europe understood the value of keeping their currency secure. Those days are gone.”

Janet Yellen is behind this brilliant idea of pushing even more people toward de-dollarization.

They want “to continue their war,” St. Onge said.


The European Commission is set to seize the equivalent of $4 trillion in Russian assets from the Russian Central Bank. That’s $4 trillion, which is adjusted for the size of the Russian economy. Many of Russia’s assets were kept in Europe.

The Weat hopes it will collapse the Russian economy, but instead, it will collapse ours.

Despite Speaker Johnson blocking the funds, Biden and his minions will do it anyway.

Other countries will take away from this that it’s dangerous to park your money with the West.

“The dollar’s share of the official currency reserves went from 73% in 2001 to 55% in 2021, and then it went off a cliff, hitting just 47% last year,” St. Onge said.

Gulf nations are selling natural gas in yuan. Some are just trading dollars for gold and silver.

St. Onge said the dollar is only held up by 15 rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and global turmoil. St. Onge said it will fatally wound the dollar and the euro. He suggests trading for gold or bitcoin.

Everything St. Onge says is common sense.

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