Biden took the lead after a ‘bucket of ballots’ arrived


Ballots in the hotly contested presidential race continue to be counted for the third day. As many expected, President Trump’s Election Day lead has now evaporated. Biden leads in every state except North Carolina.

Bloomberg reported In Georgia, Biden took a lead of more than 900 votes at about 0430 Friday morning: the lead has since grown to 1,096 votes. He gained the lead initially came after Clayton County in the Atlanta suburbs reported a bucket of ballots. Biden had been winning a huge proportion of the votes in that area. Other Atlanta suburbs are still reporting.”

This is the kind of thing that makes people think the election is a fraud thanks to drop boxes and paid ballot harvesters in some states.

Also, the only cities where Biden outperformed Hillary were Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. Isn’t that odd? Let’s check the ballots in those cities.

The Trump campaign just filed a lawsuit against all of Pennsylvania’s late ballots.

The Washington Post today declared that Joe Biden will not wait for the final results to come in to declare victory.

Bloomberg reports Biden is widely rumored to speak at some point Friday evening from an elaborate stage that has been set up at the Chase Center, waiting for days for the VP to use it.

The aide told WaPo that Biden from the day he announced his candidacy has been about bringing people together and about ending that sort of toxic, chaotic divisive mood of the country,” the aide said, adding that Biden “would want to go out and continue to deliver that message.”

The Biden campaign does not intend to wait for President Trump to concede before Biden declares victory. “Donald Trump doesn’t get to decide who wins elections,” the aide said. “The American people do.”

Biden is a demented hack and his running mate is an unlikeable commie, prove me wrong. God help America.

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3 years ago

Divine intervention is truly needed to survive the evil policies from these two demented extensions of Cosmic System Evil.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago
Reply to  wheelie1952

Systemic evil has been promoting systemic ignorance via the Main sewer Stream fake Media…the final Crusade is upon us…do we have the likes of an El Cid in the wings …anywhere???