De Blasio Followed Cuomo’s Policies – Now gov pins NYS losses on Mayor


Once again, Andrew Cuomo has offered insight into his almost pathological inability to take any personal responsibility for dangerously wrongheaded decisions.

Gov. Cuomo blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the state Democratic Party’s down-ballot woes on Thursday, arguing Bill’s job performance provided Republicans with ammo in key Long Island and upstate races.

“They ran de Blasio’s picture all over the state!” said the third-term governor. “They’ll turn New York state into New York City, looting and crime and homelessness, law and order!”

What the “Luv Gov” fails to mention is, it was Big Bill’s strict adherence to Andrew’s awful, failed policies that gave the GOP all they needed to make a well-founded case against Democrat candidates.

Cuomo was loud and proud regarding cashless bail and early prisoner releases.  Yet when it came to addressing NYC arson, violence, looting, and the multitude of assaults on NYPD officers he was basically silent.  If those issues were not enough, we have Cuomo’s parole board’s release of 16 cop-killers over the last 3 years.

As the NY Post put it, “much of the ammunition that Republicans used against Democrats came from proposals that Cuomo included and passed through his budgets — including the state’s controversial reform that nixed bail requirements for misdemeanors and most nonviolent-felony charges.”

Ah but don’t confuse a clinically arrogant Andrew Cuomo with the facts. That’s especially true so long as he has the hapless NY City Mayor as his personal punching bag, and can claim with a straight face, “I believe the Republicans beat the Democrats on the messaging. I think they branded Democrats as anti-law and order and that hurt Democrats.”

Hey Governor Cuomo.  Your anti-law enforcement actions and decrees literally wrote the scripts for that GOP messaging.  Way to go!


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