Portland mob came for the bureaucrat who didn’t obey


On November 5th, about sixty Antifa marched to Portland city council member Dan Ryan’s home and vandalized it. It was revenge for his vote against Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty’s proposal to defund the police. Later, someone set city hall on fire but security was able to extinguish it.

One of our readers predicted this months ago. Once the mob reaches critical mass, they will be coming to your front lawn to express their displeasure at your way of thinking.

The bureaucrats will be the first to go, the reader wrote.

They’re coming for you.

To me, this response proves Portland should NOT defund the police in Portland.



By the way, the god-awful mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, won re-election. There was no choice. The only other candidate, who almost won, Ms. Iannarone, said she would be the Antifa mayor. The other two moderate candidates got nowhere fast.



  1. Hell no,we are not accepting a false election result,unless they can prove it’s not false . Escort Trump out of the White House? Not before every ballot is rechecked and verified to be legitimate. What do they think we are ? fools?
    The US Constitution requires that all valid ballots be received and counted on the first Tuesday in November. Any efforts to drag the election out after this date are likely not legitimate,and we all know well that there are 6 Justices in the US Supreme Court who tend to explain the Constitution literally.
    With this being said,there are also very credible claims of the existence of hundreds of thousands of illegitimate false ballots which will be found out and should not be counted because by definition they are illegal.
    Fellow Patriots ,don’t be so naive and say we should concede this time and try again in 2024.
    If they get away with such an obvious voter fraud this time,we shall NEVER have another chance of winning the Presidency again.
    In any case,even if you believe this voter fraud thing might be just a groundless made-up myth,let us at least work to prove this is indeed the case rather than just accepting it without doing anything.
    we are not afraid of recounting and rechecking the election ballots even if the results might ultimately turn out to be that Trump did in fact lose ,so they should not be afraid of doing it either ,there is nothing to be afraid of, because just as they have said,“there is no evidence of any voter fraud”,right ?
    Fellow Patriots,our Founding Fathers didn’t give us the Second Amendment of our great Constitution for no reason ! They gave us the American people our inalienable rights to bear arms because they knew that one day in the future the American Republic might be stolen by corrupt criminals and filthy conspirators ,the enemies within ,and that our American Liberty would be in jeopardy. And I am very sad and regretful to discover that such a gloomy day in their predicted future has now come upon us. If all the other option are to be proven futile no matter how hard we try,will we really want to choose to watch the United States of America to die in silence ? We won’t back down,and there is no reason to back down,because our cause is for honesty and justice,we are on the right side of the history ,Let’s have faith and keep praying for this nation . May God protect us and our nation from those evil people and their evil causes. And let us start our actions instead of complaining . Giving a donation to the Trump team’s legal efforts ,or signing our names on a people’s petition letter,will help ,and might be the best help President Trump can get from us.



  2. I just posted the address of the petition letter to call for the verification of ballots,and my comment disappeared

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