Biden Wants More of the Middle-Class Money


Biden’s putting tremendous pressure on the middle class with regulations, inflation, spending, and attempts to collapse the energy sector. He is literally destroying the middle class. So, what is he worried about? He’s worried about middle-class tax cuts. He wants more of our money. Biden thinks you’re money is his money to spend.

At the same time, he wants billions for Ukraine and billions for people who went to college and now want Americans who didn’t go to pay their loans. There is a block on that giveaway. It’s probably unconstitutional.

‘Dr.’ Jill thinks they’re doing something important and he should run for president again. How is it even possible that Bogeda Jill thinks they are doing something important. They’re destroying the country. At Least he still knows ‘Dr.’ Biden is his wife.

More imbecility:

And off he goes after doing nothing all week.

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