Biden wants to pardon people based on race


Biden or his handlers want a pardon process based on race. As a senator, he backed legislation that led to mass incarceration and long drug sentences. Now he wants to do the same for white people.

According to the NY Times, Biden’s team has “signaled in discussions with outside groups that it is establishing a more deliberate, systemic process geared toward identifying entire classes of people who deserve mercy. The approach could allow the president to make good on his campaign promise to weave issues of racial equity and justice throughout his government.”

In other words, if the convicted criminal is black or brown, he will more likely pardon that person. All outcomes must be equal.

Just so you know, Donald Trump did pardon a relatively large number of black prisoners, and nothing in the pardon process held Barack Obama back. Joe Biden wants to institutionalize the process, making it systemic.

He is weaving systemic racism in the presidential pardon system. The administration deceptively claims it’s to “address systemic issues in the criminal justice system.”

The Times: Among those supporting the administration’s efforts is Susan E. Rice, who leads Mr. Biden’s Domestic Policy Council. She is focused on instilling racial equity in all of the administration’s initiatives and has recruited a team with deep roots in civil rights and justice.

Equity means everyone has the same outcomes.

Clemency priorities recommendations include “people convicted of crimes — including murder — seen as related to their civil rights activism, such as people who were active in the Black Panther Party.” There is “skepticism” over the administration allowing that to go through because of the “blowback.”

Biden (or is it President Susan Rice?) is working with far-Left actors, including the ACLU, and various Marxist social justice groups.

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max dugan
max dugan
2 years ago

arrest him, his son, his brother and his wife……sentence then to a swift and just execution.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe is making a list of criminals to set free. Heels Up Harris is making a list of Journalist who don’t adore her. Patriots are making a list of Communist Democrats; and are checking it twice.

Democrats know they have lost the Male Black Vote, all of the Hispanic Vote and is slowly loosing the Sane White Woman’s Vote. Democrats know in 2022 EVERYONE will be watching and their loses will be Biblical. The Democrat Plan, purge the Military of Patriots, let criminals loose in the population, then declare Martial Law. You know the things they have been claiming President Trump was going to do. The Big Reset is coming and unfortunately the Democrats may burn down the House to try and get their way. The Crazy Communist Democrats have over played their hand (Again) and will have at best the backing of the crazy 10%, if bullets start to fly. The truth is Democrats are Bullies; and Bullies are cowards! The cowards will try to sneak out the proverbial back door, but Patriots will have a list! Most of the Patriots I know aren’t big on mercy! They will go after everyone on The List and bring them to justice.

Southside Johnny
Southside Johnny
2 years ago

I noticed this page has a white background for easy reading and that is…racist!
The evolved perfected faculty lounge magic pajama heroes are here to build the Wakanda Babel utopia and to save us from ourselves because we can’t even get our pants on in the morning without mommygov.
Racism is basically a thought and we can’t have a glorious UBI/EBT Wakandatopia as long as there is wrongthink.
The above statement is racist thoughtcrime complete with wrongface contortions or scowls.