Biden wants virtual voting and voter drive-ins


Joe Biden keeps saying we have “to listen to the scientists.” I didn’t know we had to listen to unelected bureaucrats from the CDC which messed up the testing for this virus.

Joe Biden is also calling for virtual voting in the 2020 elections. He would love that. He told Brian Williams that we, of course, couldn’t expect people to go out and vote.

Virtual voting can be by email, proxy, online, anything rife with fraud.

“God forbid we’re still dealing with this in November. God forbid we’re dealing with some kind of a regional or climate rebound of this in November. Do you think it’s incumbent upon the secretaries of state in all 50 states to ensure this is the one election with secure, remote voting possibility?” MSNBC’s Brian Williams asked.

Biden responded, “Yes. I think they should be doing that now. I think they should be doing that now, planning on it….It may mean you have a circumstance where you have drive-in voting, literally…”

Plan on it now?

Nancy Pelosi wanted ballot harvesting and banning of voter ID in the rescue bill, along with other types of fraudulent voting apparatuses. This would be the perfect vehicle for voter corruption. Once in place, you will never get rid of it. That’s how it works.


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