Must see! Worldwide death statistics, including Cov-19 Deaths

8723 has the statistics for deaths around the world if you want to check the website out. It is deemed highly accurate by the left-wing fact-checkers like Media Bias Fact Check. Rush Limbaugh read these startling statistics on his show today.

Worldwide Deaths from January 1st through Mar 25th, 2020
  • Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths and counting
  • Seasonal flu, 113,000
  • Malaria, 228,000 deaths
  • Suicide, 249,000
  • Traffic fatalities, 313,000+
  • HIV AIDS, 391,000 deaths
  • Alcohol-related deaths, 581,000
  • Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000
  • Cancer, 1,909,000
  • Starvation, 2,882,000
  • Abortion deaths 9,900,000

When Rush presented this today, he didn’t make a judgment about it so I won’t either. You decide how this weighs against damaging or destroying our economy and our way of life.

I do want to add this clip which presents the economic side from a conservative viewpoint:

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