Biden Wants You to Buy Chinese Communist Cars from Mexico


According to Fortune, Chinese EV makers are planning factories in Mexico—and the U.S. is worried it’s a ‘back door’ to undercutting the Big Three carmakers. Unfortunately, the problems are much worse than that. The CCP cars blow up in ordinary accidents, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

According to a new report, three major Chinese EV companies are planning to build new factories in Mexico, sparking concern among US officials, reports Business Insider.

US officials are very concerned. Business Insider says China’s electric vehicle market is booming and dominates the global electric vehicle battery supply chain.


Blackrock invests in China and EVs, not just Ukraine. And who runs US-China policy? It’s Blackrock-tied Tom Donilon, who is also tied to Barack Obama, who is really running the country. In June, the Biden State Department announced that Obama’s former National Security Advisor and current Chairman of BlackRock Investment Institute, Tom Donilon, will lead in advising Biden’s China policy.

It seems we have much more to worry about than the loss of our auto business. China is heavily invested in EVs, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic panels. All of their three investments are unsustainable.

According to the video report below and in other reports that we’ve seen, Chinese EVs have a long way to go to become safe.

The Chinese communist EVs have been known to explode in accidents, and as one of the narrators says, he has never seen a Tesla explode in an ordinary car accident.

They even catch fire when parked underground. Due to the immature technology, they have been known to explode or go on fire for no reason.

The problems remain unsolved. These incidents appear with alarming frequency, with new self-ignition cases reported almost every month.

In addition to solving issues, the artificial intelligence system in Chinese electric cars has also been the source of some humorous mishaps. For example, one electric vehicle driver intended to charge the car but ended up being guided by the navigation system to a cemetery. When the driver tried to correct the problem, the navigation system said he reached his destination.

It is also evident that Chinese Electric Vehicle sales have experienced a noticeable decline. Sales are down by 30% from projections.

Price does not align with quality in China.

Some of their subsidies in China are more than the actual price of the vehicle, which will harm car companies in the US and EU. They’re undercutting US car sales.

The other industry China is pushing is lithium batteries, but once supply catches up with demand, that industry will also sink. They believe they will have a battery catastrophe in the next four years.

Additionally, when the batteries have reached the end of their life, they have no way to recycle them. Few companies are willing to invest in battery recycling. Most batteries will end up in the regular garbage bin, contributing significantly to pollution.

Their photovoltaic industry is suffering from overcapacity. They have used forced labor, a.k.a. slaves, and have subsidized products heavily to provide unfair competition with EU and US manufacturers.

China is taking over these industries, yet they can’t be relied on due to their many failures and money problems. The US and the EU are investigating them.

The EU finally noticed that relying on China could strangle their industries, limit supply, and increase pollution.


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