Biden Web Series Pushes Child Sex-Reassignment Propaganda


In a new web propaganda series, the Assistant Secretary for Health insists puberty blockers, irreversible surgeries, and dangerous drugs for life are health care for children.

Rachel Levine, a transgender, promoted cross-sex surgeries during discussion and song with a transgender as part of an HHS Pride Month series.

Levine was highly critical of state legislation restricting cross-sex medical interventions. She claimed youth who believe they’re transgender were being bullied by legislators and their parents. The interview, the first episode of an HHS YouTube series titled Summer of Pride, featured a song from Cassata about transgender activism and legislation restricting cross-sex procedures.

Throughout the interview, Levine echoed Cassata’s statements and praised the Biden administration for embracing Pride Month and promoting LGBT causes.

“Happy Pride Month,” Levine said. “And actually, let’s declare it a Summer of Pride. Happy Summer of Pride. It’s so important to have Pride as a celebration for our LGBTQI+ community and to recognize how far we have come, but also how much work we have left to do.”

The admiral has promoted K-12, THAT’S K-12, Queer Theory instruction, with lessons including anal sex.

The sign behind ‘her’ in the series’ first episode, behind “Admiral” Rachel Levine, who never commanded a ship, says “Summer of Pride.” After ruining the month of June, it appears they’re going for the entire summer.

Soon it will be the year of Pride.

Ryan Cassata, who is female and identifies as a transgender man, criticized state legislation restricting cross-sex medical interventions.

“I am a singer, songwriter, and a transgender activist. I play a lot of protest songs to help the transgender liberation movement, and I started my activism when I was 13 years old after getting bullied pretty severely in middle school when I first came out,” Cassata said. “We need to do everything we can right now so that trans youth can access the care that they need and they deserve. I know that this is lifesaving care that is on the line.”

“Absolutely,” Levine replied.

“I’m 29 years old now, and when I was 14 years old, I knew that I needed top surgery in order to continue living, really. I was extremely depressed. My mental health was suffering, extreme. And I had to wait until I was 18 to get my surgery,” Cassata said. “For most people, waiting is not a possibility and that is really a threat to someone’s life.”

Cassata sang a song offering encouragement to transgender people who feel threatened by restrictions on cross-sex medical procedures.

“This song, it has become my anthem,” Cassata told Levine. “And it talks about my experience growing up trans and doing my activism work, going on Larry King when I was 15 years old and doing my speaking to educate the masses.”
This is the whole episode:

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5 months ago

Look at it. Admiral Asshole! Looks like she rummaged around in Michael Jacksons closet to come up with one of his fake military uniforms. If I was or had been a military officer, I would be disgusted. I’ll be disgusted anyway.

5 months ago

Just what the pedophiles want. Young gay boys with two cracks to play with. Fake vagina and a butthole. When can we stop pretending this s**t is normal and take these perverts to the woodshed.