Biden Will Lose If Blacks Keep Murdering Each Other


Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed you’re not black if you don’t vote for him. He’s counting on the black vote to win in November.

But if the black-on-black murders continue, Biden will lose the election. In another deadly weekend in Chicago, 33 people were shot, three of them fatally. Remarkably, that number is much lower than usual.

Although Joe Biden says he’s counting on the black vote to win the election, he has not come out to condemn the widespread violence and unrelenting murders in the black community. At this rate, Biden is losing a lot of his voters to gun violence.

Chicago alone has seen more than 550 murders this year. Chicago accounts for one in every eight homicides in the U.S., according to a Wall Street Journal report. And Philadelphia is a close second.

Other Democrat-run cities with large black populations have also been hard hit by gun violence. Among these are Baltimore, Detroit, and Memphis.

In fact, since the 2016 election, many of these cities have witnessed the murder of more than 1,000 of their residents. In Baltimore, New York City, and Philadelphia, the total is more than 1,200 people in each city. That translates to a lot of voters.

The 50 largest U.S. cities have seen a 24 percent increase in murders so far this year as compared to 2019, also reported in the Wall Street Journal.

This does not bode well for Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations. As cities look to defund the police, crime is on the increase.

The Democrat party has come out in favor of defunding police departments. That puts Joe Biden in a very precarious position.

Does he go along with his party and defund the police? Or does he support law enforcement in a year that has seen record-breaking murders in virtually every major Democrat-run city?

Either way, Joe Biden is losing his black voters to murder every day.

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