Biden Wins Big in First Three States


Joe Biden won Missouri and Mississippi at 8 pm. He won Michigan at 9 pm. Sadly, Bernie wasn’t rejected because he’s a communist, but because he supported Fidel Castro.

Biden, by comparison, is moderate, but he’s not moderate at all. He plans to give a lot of services away for free and share them with everyone who comes in illegally.

The former Vice President clearly stated he was coming for our guns, would give free healthcare, college, preschool to illegal foreigners. He will add a public option to Obamacare which will destroy private health insurance. He plans to spend trillions on impotent climate change proposals.

Biden plans to add government control and shut oil and gas.

Included in his plans is a big move to kill the economy by taking away the Trump tax cuts and immediately add taxes that will hit the middle class.

If Biden does win the presidency, his unelected bureaucrats will run the country.


In many of our states, Americans want socialism.

There are three states outstanding, but we’ve seen enough. Bernie didn’t really want to win. He just wants to push the party to the furthest left he can.

This is what ended Bernie Sanders’ run for the President, wait for the ’60 Minutes’ clip:

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