Top Democrat calls to cancel debates, media hides Joe’s lapses


Jim Clyburn wants the debates canceled since Joe Biden is the candidate as was preordained. They don’t want any more debates because Joe can’t speak. He’s lost his mental acuity and his language skills.

From here on, he will be carefully scripted and kept from the public eye. The news will be filled with even more furious attacks on the President.

Bernie Sanders, who only won two small states last night, will step away. He has never been in the fight. Only his Bernie Bros didn’t notice Bernie’s only goal was to push the party towards communism, and perhaps get his coffers replenished to buy another home.

The Debates Are Likely Over


Last night, Joe Biden seemed to forget what office he was running for, but you won’t hear that. Instead, copies of his speech, written by someone else, will be posted in articles.

Clips of his mental lapses and his inability to speak will continue to be hidden or called untruthful.

Even though this next clip is 100% truthful, Facebook, under tremendous pressure, agreed to label it partly false as Twitter had previously done. It’s the Joseph Goebbels media in control of our fate.

The Story

Biden couldn’t get his words out during a short speech in Michigan prior to the primary and ended up saying, “We can only re-elect Donald Trump.” Obviously, people realize Joe wasn’t endorsing Trump. He simply couldn’t say the words. For some mental reason, he can’t use language.

This is what Joe said:

Dan Scavino, Trump’s digital communications director, simply put the clip up with Trump saying at the end that he approved of this message. It was funny and effective so the Twitterati demanded the clip be marked false in accordance with their new policy. Twitter agreed and it was the first and only clip labeled as such.

Twitter’s new Synthetic and Manipulated Media policy, implemented March 5, was applied to the tweet. The policy’s aim is to stop the sharing of “synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm.”

The clip isn’t false or manipulated as Biden’s spokesperson insisted. It is exactly what he said, but they want people to think it was a manipulated clip or a deep fake.

Facebook was put under a good deal of pressure to do the same and folded. So much for their free speech policy.

“Fact-checkers rated this video as partly false, so we are reducing its distribution and showing warning labels with more context for people who see it, try to share it, or already have,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch. “As we announced last year, the same applies if a politician shares the video if it was otherwise fact-checked when shared by others on Facebook.”

Over the weekend, President Trump retweeted the video to his 73.5 million Twitter followers, stating “I agree with Joe!”

The media will do this again and again. The country will not know what is going on, even from social media.

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