Bidenistas Destroyed Video of Biden’s Dog Attacking an Agent


The Secret Service deleted a video of Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, savagely biting one of their agents just one year ago. The agent had to get six stitches, and then, if you remember, Biden was angry with the agent for going to the hospital.

According to the Daily Mail, the video would have shown the Biden German Shepherd Commander running full stride and “jumping toward the agent in the East Wing’s Kennedy Garden, leaving a “deep bite” on the individual’s left arm “that reportedly needed stitches.”

However, the Secret Service claims they deleted it in compliance with federal retention standards.

Oh, sure, we believe that.

We know of 25 bites, at least eleven of the Secret Service agents. The biting was so bad they had to close down tours to wipe the blood off the floor.

The violent June 15, 2023, biting incident with the since-banished first dog.

It is very obvious why the dog had problems. Look at his owner. That is your answer.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi explained that the agency destroyed the video because it abides by the “Federal records retention schedule that defines when certain types of records can be archived, destroyed, etc.”

 Check out the videos below to see what we have.

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