Bidenomics: The Economy Is Weakening, Inflation Is Rising


The economy is weakening as inflation is rising. It’s disastrous and it’s the result of Democrat policies, especially energy policy, regulations, taxes, and wild spending. There is no other reason, and Bidenomics is meant to destroy us or the people behind it are fools. And I don’t think they’re fools.

Elections have consequences, especially when you vote for a dishonest figurehead who does the bidding of the far left: Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Soros’s, and other bad actors.

The Kobeleski Letter

First, Q1 2024 GDP growth slowed to just 1.6% which is less than HALF of the 3.4% Q4 2023 number.

This reading is roughly 50% BELOW Goldman Sachs’s expectations.

But it gets even worse.

At the same time, the US Core PCE Price Index soared from 2.0% to a staggering 3.7%.

This crushed estimates of 3.4% and further suggests that inflation is on the rise.

We have a weakening economy with rising inflation.

The worst possible outcome for the Fed.

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