Biden’s 6-prong plan to defeat COV is his last plan with more mandates


We won’t know exactly what Joe Biden will mandate to defeat COV today until we hear his speech. It appears to be more of the same that hasn’t worked. The following has been leaked out.

The Biden six-prong plan to defeat COV:

  1. Vaccinating the unvaccinated
  2. Further protection for the vaccinated (more mask mandates?)
  3. Keep schools safely open
  4. Increasing testing and requiring masking
  5. Protecting the economic recovery
  6. Improving care for those with COV-19

Basically, it will make it harder for people refusing to get vaccinated to work and live their lives.

He will mandate vaccination for all federal workers. There will be no testing opt-outs. People who had the illness and have natural immunity are not considered in these mandates.

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