Biden’s abolishing ICE via reorganization- criminals, smugglers, traffickers will run free


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas plans to reorganize ICE in such a way as to effectively abolish it. In other words, they will no longer arrest or deport.

All these criminals, transnational criminals, terrorists, insane people, needy people, sick people pouring in will be free to come in and stay. It’s a George Soros dream scenario.

Mayorkas revealed the idea in a phone meeting with agency personnel in Texas. The information comes from several sources who spoke with The Washington Times.

The deportation force will become criminal investigators, but they won’t enforce the law. There will be no one to patrol the streets for basic crimes.

ICE has a much better arrest and conviction record than the corrupt FBI. The FBI has grown soft and political.

“This is an administrative abolishment of ICE as we currently know it,” a source told the Washington Times.

Will the GOP say a word? Why isn’t this going through Congress? We’d better see lawsuits.

Mayorkas said the officers are in the wrong pay system, whatever that means. Perhaps he means to pay them more to shut them up. He’ll dangle a promotion to buy their silence as the country is overrun by foreigners not coming for our values.

The officers in the meeting weren’t buying it. “It’s all spin. We’re not going to abolish ICE but we really are going to abolish ICE as you know it.”

They would lose overtime, about 9,000 dollars a year.

Hey, Biden promised to do this before the election, and you 81 million who voted for him — ostensibly — want it to happen. He also supports not deporting criminals and keeping sanctuary cities.

Foreigners who don’t have our interests at heart, illegal aliens and communist Democrats like AOC and Gretchen Whitmer have made abolishing ICE their calling card. The radical left, which is who they are, object to enforcement and removal operations.


According to CIS’s Jessica Vaughn, “By eliminating the option of removing people on administrative charges, Mayorkas will be eliminating ICE’s ability to enforce immigration laws, and as a side effect, eliminating ICE’s ability to use its immigration authorities to target all manner of criminals, smugglers, gang members, fraudsters and any other illegal alien who is causing problems here,” she said.

“When Congress wrote the blueprint for immigration enforcement, Ms. Vaughan said, the goal was to create a system that would be easy and cheap. That was a necessity given the massive number of people who go through the system. Converting officers into criminal investigators undermines that system, she said, effectively “setting ICE up to fail in its mission.”

“Even as it would allow more rank-and-file illegal immigrants to go free, it would increase criminal prosecutions,” she said, which have long been complaints of immigrant rights activists.

It’s not clear if congressional approval is needed.

All of this is happening already. The memos defining who can arrest and how they can arrest castrates ICE.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

And of course, not a word from the non-leaders Kevin and Mitch, from the formerly conservative and pro-American republican party, which is now the liberal and anti-American republican party.

Rocky Listens to Philly Soul
Rocky Listens to Philly Soul
2 years ago

It will cause disruption among the deplorable kulak untermenschen scum in flyover land.
This is a feature and not a bug for the CPUSA.
Maybe they are building the walls (racist!) and fences around the DC cesspool nice and high because they are figuring out that all sides hate them?

2 years ago

Open borders more voting for Democrats America suicide mission.