Biden’s Ambassador to Israel Hates Israel


In case you didn’t see this article, you might want to read Daniel Greenfield’s piece, Biden’s Ambassador to the Anti-Israel Lobby at BreitbartBiden obviously wanted to insult Israel with his appointment of Thomas Nides as ambassador to Israel. He wants to send a message to Israel — a bad message.

Biden appointed an ambassador to Israel who showed up at a BDS webinar and described Israel as “an oppressive regime”. He also thinks the Palestinian Authority’s problem is that by funding terrorism, they give the “haters” an excuse.

Ambassador Thomas Nides is as awful a pick as possible. He loves anti-Israel groups and, against Israel’s wishes, he wants to open an occupation consulate to the terrorists in Jerusalem. Oh, and he won’t visit settlements Settlements are apartments on Israeli land.

Nides managed to meet with Mansour Abbas, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s United Arab List. They were key to removing Netanyahu from office and replacing him with a leftist coalition government.

The APN webinar was co-hosted by APN CEO Hadar Susskind and teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten. Weingarten thinks Jews are the ownership class that wants to take from those who don’t have opportunities.


APN is an anti-Israel group that wants the Jews out of Jerusalem.

Nides told Susskind and Weingarten that he and Biden wanted to divide Jerusalem and that “my job is to knock down things…”, namely the Jewish State.

He said we can’t have Jews living in East Jerusalem or the West Bank.

Uh, that’s their country. It’s like saying we can’t have Americans living in South Texas.

Nides apologized to his Americans for Peace Now audience for not being able to stop every Jew from living in Jerusalem. “I’d be lying to you if every single house… in east Jerusalem or the West Bank I could stop… I can’t stop everything, just so we are clear.

Nides’ lover Sharon Kleinbaum is extremely anti-Israel and Biden appointed her to the Commission on International Religious Freedom despite her support for Cuomo’s discrimination against Orthodox Jews during the pandemic.

Nides is a vile anti-Semite who hangs with the hard-left and terrorists. Will he have them wearing Gold Stars next?

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