J6 Witch Hunt Committee Wants to Imprison Trump Staffers for Contempt


The J6 Witch Hunt Select Committee will seek contempt charges against Dan Scavino and Peter Navarro. They seek to destroy anyone tied to Donald Trump and America First.

Dan Scavino, President Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications, was among the first four people to be subpoenaed by the committee last year.

Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser to Trump, was subpoenaed last month after passages from his own book appeared to show he was involved in plans to delay certification of the presidential election.

So what? There is nothing wrong with seeking a delay. It’s constitutional.

The witch hunt panel will meet Monday to decide. From there, it could go to the full House.


If the full House votes to censure the men, it could end up with the corrupt Biden Justice Department. Each count risks up to a year of jail time as well as $100,000 in fines.

The department has already taken one such suggestion from Congress, pursuing charges against one-time White House strategist Steve Bannon. He faces trial this June.

It has not yet acted on a similar vote on Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, who was censured by the House in December.

These people are Trump-haters acting outside the constitution, refusing to allow due process. They also won’t investigate Speaker Pelosi who was in charge of the Capitol security that day.

In a statement to The Hill Navarro said the committee’s decision is an affront to Trump’s executive privilege claims. Biden, however, earlier this month rejected any executive privilege claims for Navarro. Courts have also largely rejected Trump’s claims of privilege, ruling it instead rests with Biden as the current executive.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama put all his records in a building in Chicago and no one can see them for decades. This is also while Biden is leading us into World War III.

This J6 Select Committee is blatantly political.

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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
1 year ago

What matters is what will be done about it when the GOP retakes the majority in the House. If there are no consequences — no retribution — then this will become standard behavior for both parties. Whichever one holds the majority at any point will pillory the identifiable supporters of the other. Remember, even in the absence of convictions, “the process is the punishment.”

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

As of today March 24, Trump is officially suing Hillary Clinton and about 30 of her accomplices

so yes they will be harsher on j6 Trump supporters and anyone who likes Trump, they are PANICKING !!!

It Already Happened Here
It Already Happened Here
1 year ago

He needs a whole building for the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital?
Comrade Zelensky banned all opposition in the Kraine and it could happen here.
Most are too tuned out to even care in the divide and distract dystopia.
They didn’t Long March through all institutions for nothing and they don’t intend to coexist.