Moderna’s Omicron Booster Is for a Variant That No Longer Exists


Moderna is seeking authorization for an updated coronavirus booster for BA1. The variant that hasn’t been seen in months. The virus is already past BA4 and BA5. BA5 may or may not become dominant in the fall. It is not known if immunity will help with these new variants, The Washington Post reports. Therefore, there is no way to know scientifically if the booster will do anything.

“Moderna executives said on a call Wednesday that they are confident the updated vaccine would still provide additional protection against newer omicron subvariants, even though researchers tested its booster dose against BA.1. Even if the updated booster provides less protection against later omicron subvariants than against BA.1, it will probably still be more effective against them than the company’s existing booster, Moderna President Stephen Hoge said,” according to the Post.

Hoge doesn’t have any scientific evidence to support that whatsoever. Just the same, he’s confident.

“We’re pretty confident this vaccine is going to provide a benefit even against the family of omicron subvariants,” Hoge said on a briefing call with reporters, the Post says.


Moderna sent out a press release Wednesday touting its Omicron injection but admitted that the “shot elicited a weaker response versus BA.4 and BA.5,” according to Reuters.

The shot has not been tested on the latest subvariant, BA 2.12.1, which is the latest subvariant of BA.2 and perhaps the one that will become the most common. However, some experts say at least three doses of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (two primary doses and a booster) still produce antibodies against BA.2.12.1.

Based on this, the White House wants another $20 billion for a coronavirus response.

The problem with these vaccines is the virus morphs very quickly. The pharmaceutical companies can’t keep up. They are chasing a so-far unreachable target. BA1 is gone, over, done, and non-existent as you can see on the CDC chart on this link.

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chip henry
chip henry
1 year ago

What an article. It pretends too many things. There’s never been a vaccine for a virus that helps. Lockjaw has never killed an American yet they pretend it’s a required thing. It’s multiple things but required isn’t among them.
Vaccines for Corona aren’t vaccines at all. The variant they claim to aim at isn’t relevant. They’re aiming to inject many things into you which have nothing to do with your own protections. They plan to eliminate your offspring, your own self, and enrich themselves. Bogus article.

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

When are people going to wake up? These boosters have always been one step too late for every new variant. They’re nothing more than a failed flu shot but with serious side effects.