Biden’s communist base discusses the end goal


For all those who haven’t paid attention until now, we are in the midst of a communist/socialist revolution. The end goal is to overturn capitalism and replace it with full national government control. The government will become an obedient subsidiary of the United Nations.

The left doesn’t like or want elections, as they say in the video below — they’re just a ‘sham.’ Elections are “not how we control the future of society.” It’s a “revolution, nothing less. The end goal is the abolishment of capitalism.”

“Can you imagine a world without America,” the reporter asks an angry young man who says, “Hell, yeah.”

“There is no way out of this [alleged mess] except socialist revolution,” says one of the ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ interviewed. “Socialism is the road to communism,” says another.

They plan to build the New Socialist Republic in North America (as if it hasn’t been tried before). “Communism is a higher stage,” one ill-informed man says.

In their bizarre minds, conservatives are fascists — they’re “scum.” That same totalitarian youth said, “Let’s make the guillotine red again.” Take them down “so they can be wiped from the country,” another said.

“The masses will fall. They will fall in line,” says one crazy woman.

Keep in mind that these are the people who want your guns. If Biden wins, he will stack the court, and there go your guns.

The people on this video are teacher union organizers, teachers, CNN talking heads like Van Jones, Revolutionary Communist Party members, and some crazy black people who say, “F– your white privilege. I built this, muthaF–er.”

Do not doubt me. Watch this clip from Rebel media. Listen to what they are saying. They’re serious and very well-funded and very well-organized.

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