Biden’s In Hidin’ and Hunter’s AWOL


Where are Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden?

Joe is in hiding allegedly “preparing” for Thursday’s debate. Hunter is AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave).

Joe Biden has been in politics for nearly half a century. He ran for vice president twice and participated in debates. Not to mention all the times he campaigned for his Senate seat.

Why does Joe need to “prepare” for another debate? He has five decades of political experience and information. If he doesn’t know by now what he believes in, a couple of days won’t make any difference.

Mostly, Joe has to rest up. Verbal gaffes and lapses in memory have haunted him for months. So Biden sent his former boss, Barack Hussein Obama, out on the campaign trail. The unenthusiastic former president acts like he has better things to do.

Kamala Harris is obviously out campaigning. She’s actually running for office. I’m just not sure which one. In September, she referred to the “Harris Administration.” Even Joe mentioned the Harris-Biden Administration. Freudian slip?

Also, Joe can’t risk being asked about his son’s personal misconduct and international malfeasance.

The FBI is in possession of Hunter’s laptop. Apparently it has incriminating information about his Ukraine dealings, using his father to leverage assets and influence. It might have embarrassing emails about his past relationships and private struggles.

When Donald Trump ran for president, the press dogged his children about their business dealings. After he was elected, they were dragged through Congressional hearings.

But now, when Joe Biden is running for president, all of a sudden his son is “off limits.” The more information that is pulled from his son’s laptop, the more questions Biden will have to answer.

But that will have to wait. Biden is in hiding and Hunter is AWOL.

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