Biden’s big day: 15% global tax exempting CCP, free vaccines, pricey epipens


Joe Biden, the America Last president, who is compromised by the Chinese Communists, agreed to a 15% minimum global tax amid talks of exemptions for China. They are also talking about exemptions for certain corporations — undoubtedly the ones who do what they want. At the same time, Biden’s budget includes at least a trillion dollars in corporate welfare.

Yellen said it’s going to go much higher.

The goal is allegedly to keep companies from moving to countries with lower tax rates. The problem is this inefficient form of taxation will pass down to consumers and employees. It certainly is an incentive for countries outside of the G7 to offer even better tax rates.

It’s a globalist, American last trading policy.

Once in, it will never be gone. Prepare for global inflation.



The oh-so-generous Joe Biden will use tax dollars to “purchase half a billion doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to donate to nearly 100 nations that are in dire need in the fight against this pandemic.”

What do we pay the WHO for? Why don’t they do it or how about China doing it since they are responsible for the virus?


On the same day, he eliminated the program to kill a Trump-era health care policy designed to bring down the price of insulin, Fox News reports.

The White House this week gave President Biden the green light to move forward with removing a Trump-era health care policy. The policy is designed to bring down the price of insulin.

Biden’s bid to retract the rule was approved on Monday, as reported by Politico. The expectation is that the Department of Health and Human Services could publish the retraction within the coming days.

The measure, signed off on under the previous administration in December, aimed to require some 340B community health centers to deliver savings to low-income patients for insulin and epinephrine. It’s a bid to bring down unaffordable prices.

And the economy…

Oh, by the way, our economy is heading for disaster. Under Biden’s plan, the net percent of owners raising average selling prices increased 4 points to a net 40 percent, seasonally adjusted, the highest reading since April 1981.


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