So far, Illegal crossings up 674% in a year


Illegal border crossings explode by 674% in a year: Migrant crisis saw 180,000 apprehensions in May. This is the extremely predictable result of implementing catch-and-release and forcing agents off the line to manage a self-inflicted humanitarian catastrophe.

On June 9, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released data on Southwest border encounters for May. The data show border officials apprehended 180,034 illegal aliens last month, an increase from the record-breaking 178,622 arrests made in April.

Of the total 180,034 migrants detained last month, 62 percent were expelled through the continued use of Title 42 (a public health provision of the U.S. Code that the Biden administration has broadly hinted is on the chopping block).

According to CBP, single adults comprised the majority of the apprehensions made last month, while apprehensions of family units and unaccompanied children continue to run at historically high levels.

There are more arrests as well and these numbers only reflect the ones they caught.

Everything the Biden administration is doing is designed to destroy the country. It’s America last and this administration is replacing the citizens and legal immigrants.

Watch this clip from Stephen Miller:



  1. Miller is fantastic.

    I do not see the same in Levin. I have not seen him to be a consistent conservative or against illegal immigration, nor have I seen him show much leadership in ideas. I see him as more of a complainer.

  2. It’s like the covid vaccine, we won’t know what the collateral damage will be for year’s to come. God help us.

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