Warren’s on the war path: This time it’s over Bitcoin destroying the planet


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a fake Native American, told a Senate Banking Subcommittee that Bitcoin is fueling climate change.

Warren called for the government to confront crypto-threats “head-on,” while saying a Federal Reserve-backed digital currency shows “great promise.”

In other words, she wants a government-tied private enterprise of secretive globalists to control it. What could go wrong?

“Cryptocurrency has created opportunities to scam investors, assists criminals, and worsens the climate crisis,” she said during the hearing. “The threats posed by crypto show that Congress and federal regulators can’t continue to hide out, hoping that crypto will go away. It won’t. It’s time to confront these issues head-on.”

Warren’s claim is that using computers to mine Bitcoin uses more energy. In other words, they’re helping to destroy the planet.

“Bitcoin requires so much computing activity that it eats up more energy than entire countries. One of the easiest and least disruptive things we can do to fight the #ClimateCrisis is to crack down on environmentally wasteful cryptocurrencies,” Warren tweeted.


Pat Toomey has a problem with this.

“We don’t need a state-sponsored bank interfering with this successful free-enterprise system,” said Senator Pat Toomey, who openly rooted for continued growth in existing cryptos.

Had to put this silly video up:

She also linked to stolen tax return data. Crimes are no problem for her:

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