Biden’s Black History Month Speech Was Fabulous – Just Kidding


Joe Biden spoke today at a Black History Month event and struggled to get names straight. He also seems to think the Soviet Union still exists. Our enemies watch these ‘gaffes’ and that should frighten people.

Earlier today, Jill Biden introduced Kamala as the president and then claimed she was joking. Obviously, she wasn’t joking, but she’s not the President or the Vice President.

Later in the day, Joe Biden lied his fool head off about Republicans somehow keeping black votes from counting. How does that lie further black history? Check out the second video.

Here is Joe Biden claiming Republicans want to eliminate black votes. His audience didn’t seem to buy it judging from the reaction he received.

How did Republicans keep black votes from counting? Will any reporters ever ask him? Biden has done this sort of thing for about fifty years. Why change now?

He didn’t know the name of his UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield and called her ‘Linda Greenhouse’.

Does he still hold the code to the nukes? Someone needs to take it away as soon as possible.

He’s not real clear on the name of his Supreme Court Justice nominee.

He might think he’s appointing her to the Senate.

Putin and the Soviet Union? The Soviet Union has been gone since 1991. His brain is mush.

This is from the 26th but it’s my favorite Bidenism this week. Biden thinks he’s making things better and the problem lies with us. We are just not “psychologically” able to be happy.

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