Biden’s ‘Buy American’ plan means he will spend $700 billion buying US goods, services, researching technology


Joe Biden has a new $700 billion ‘Buy American’ plan he will implement if he is elected president.

As part of his plan, he will eliminate all of Trump’s tax cuts, and he plans to repeal all Republican-backed tax breaks for U.S. corporations.

His plan includes buying U.S.-based goods and services with $400 billion in tax dollars or deficit spending. Another $300 billion in tax dollars or deficit spending will be spent on U.S. technology. Biden also wants to tighten ‘buy American’ laws.

An outline released by Biden’s campaign touts his commitment to strengthening union workers’ collective bargaining rights.

The plan is designed to support small businesses owned by people of color and women, and will also require businesses receiving funds from the investment to commit to a $15 minimum wage, paid leave and the guaranteed option to join a union, according to the policy.

He will push his energy plan which aims at net-zero emissions and a third package known as the “caring economy.”

Biden likely doesn’t have the ability to come up with any plan. Someone(s) put this together for him no doubt.

This is the man who made sure jobs went overseas, especially to China.

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