Officials are “worried” Ghislaine Maxwell will commit suicide


According to the AP, federal officials are now officially “worried” that Ghislaine Maxwell will commit suicide or inmates will hurt her.

Law & Crime reports that officials are so worried she’ll kill herself that she was given paper clothes and took away her personal clothes and sheets because they are afraid she might die by suicide, said an official cited by The Associated Press.

Her boyfriend pedophile Jeffrey Epstein killed himself with bedsheets but the manner of death was suspicious and most people felt he was murdered. The guards did not keep watch over him and the camera in the cell wasn’t working.

Maxwell was as close to Epstein as anyone and has long been accused of participating in the abuse. In the new federal case, prosecutors are focusing on incidents between 1994 and 1997. Victims were as young as 14. Maxwell allegedly lured them to Epstein’s home, and helped groom them for abuse.

She calls the accusations “absolute rubbish.”

The other protocols put in place for Maxwell’s confinement include ensuring that she has a roommate in her cell, is monitored and making sure someone is always with her while she’s behind bars, the official said.

She is in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, one of the many prisons with serious behavioral problems.

Ed Gavin, a former NYC Corrections Official, told Tucker Carlson last night that she should be transferred to an emergency services unit in Rikers. The prison where she is incarcerated is notorious for the sexual abuse of inmates.

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