Biden’s Deputy secretary of ed pick doesn’t think sex abuse is necessarily serious in schools


Max Eden, in an article for City-Journal, writes that Joe Biden’s nominee for Deputy Secretary of Education apparently does not believe that it’s necessarily a serious issue if a child gets sexually assaulted at school.

Under Cindy Marten’s leadership in the San Diego School district, she lost a lawsuit and $375,000 to a man she fired for his refusal to keep silent about sexual abuse with two kindergarten children.

When she was deposed by the man’s lawyer, she said the sexual violation is serious depending on circumstances. [We’re talking about kindergarten children.]

She admitted she would only report it because it’s legally mandated.

The woman is a fool and she will have a key role in the Department of Education. Biden found the most awful people for each of these key jobs.



  1. Read a story about a teacher in FLA soliciting a two year old online.
    To the CPUSA and their NAMBLA comrades this is a great leap forward.
    They aren’t asking about any mandate and must move quickly to cement the Fundamental Transformation.
    Will the attempt to normalize sexual relations with minors be the bridge too far?

  2. Liberals have some really twisted minds. Sex with children is OK with them because it’s a power trip. Almost every Liberal I know is a Narcissistic. They abuse children in numerous ways. Sexually is just one way. Liberals talk a lot about helping people, but their donations to charity tell a much different story.

    Almost every liberal I know is dissatisfied with life. They tend to “indulge” in material things for happiness. This tends to result in living beyond their means and financial issues. Only 20% of Americans have $5000 or more in a Savings Account and 90% of those people are Conservatives. Because of a lack of savings, Liberals tend to commit suicide in economic down turns. Overall Liberals commit more crime.

    The inability to find satisfaction in the little things seems to be the root of the Liberal “break” with reality. I notice the issue growing and suspect it has to do with the over stimulation in a city environment and modern technology. You can literally drive a Liberal crazy if you hide their Smart Phone. They require constant stimulation and always need to feel in control. A friend of mine who is an attorney says he has to deal with 5 or 6 times as many workplace lawsuits with the Clients he considers Liberal. Liberals not only don’t have a problem abusing children, but apparently think employees are fair game too. I find this funny since so many Liberals feel like they are victims. So, I wonder if its the victim status of Liberals and if Conservatives just overlook miner issues. He thinks it’s because Liberals are born bullies.

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