Schumer to sidestep Senate rules to pass $5 trillion worth of socialism


The Senate parliamentarian has ruled that Democrats may amend the budget resolution they used for their Covid-19 relief bill and attach another set of reconciliation instructions to it, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

He’s really sidestepping Senate rules with the help of the Parliamentarian.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s spokesman told CNN in a statement Monday that “the Parliamentarian has advised that a revised budget resolution may contain budget reconciliation instructions. This confirms the Leader’s interpretation of the Budget Act and allows Democrats additional tools to improve the lives of Americans if Republican obstruction continues.”

It will allow them to pass their multi-trillion-dollar socialist bill disguised as an infrastructure bill. The bill has two parts and comes to almost $5 trillion. When added to the $27 trillion in debt, it means the U.S. has no discretionary funds.

It’s all being done for an infrastructure bill that is only 7% infrastructure and 93% Green New Deal and reparations.

The decision isn’t in stone yet, but it will be based on this decision.

We are being prepared for global socialism under The Great Reset.

Schumer and all of the Democrats act like they have a mandate to ruin the country, but they don’t. They barely have a majority in the House and are 50-50 in the Senate.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about it today in an article titled, The Media and Democrats are Pretending There’s a Mandate.

Now the Biden administration, headed by a man a few years too old to be a boomer, entertains ambitions to take a great leap forward. But wait. Does a transformation require a mandate? By what mandate does the Biden administration undertake the work of irrevocably altering American society? Do Mr. Biden and his people claim that the dogmatic and occasionally hysterical certitude of the woke is sufficient warrant to turn the country upside down?

There was no mandate in the outcome of the last election. November 2020 merely confirmed that the U.S. remains split precisely down the middle, 50-50, as it has been for more than 20 years, since the deadlock of Al Gore and George W. Bush and the hanging chads of Florida. If the 2020 election meant anything, it confirmed the irreconcilable differences—a standoff of the cobra and mongoose. The election certainly didn’t give Mr. Biden marching orders from the American people to open the southern border to all comers, or to redesign the natural order of biology (in regard to gender identity and all the social arrangements that have flowed from the difference between the sexes since time immemorial), or to change the country in a hundred other ways, bundling it off on an expedition to the far left fringes of reality and grievance. What the new administration proposes may be less a transformation than a hijacking. Half the country doesn’t want to be reinvented—not on Mr. Biden’s terms.

It’s sad that half the country wants to destroy all that we have in this country, but they do and are doing it quickly.



  1. Milking the Kung-Flu for all it is worth to burn it all down by any means necessary.
    The faculty lounge fellow travelers don’t have any plan for after the wipe out besides enrichment and retribution.
    External enemies are loving it and will pounce when the dollar is gone.

  2. Democrats Hate America and now trying to steal the Country blind before they “retire” to their Globalist hide-a-ways. The Brainwashed are just useful Idiots who have bought into Democrat lies for well over 100 years as they have moved more and more Communist. My only hope is that when Conservatives take back control of the Government the Democrat and RINO Political Class rot in jail where they belong. Though some clearly deserve the gallows.

    Creating run away inflation does not improve the lives of Americans. What we are watching is the greatest thief in the History of the World. Basically excessive Government spending has stolen $82,000 of wealth from every man, woman and child in America. They are now in the process of stealing another $16,000 from every American. The American economy is only 21 Trillion and we are 27 Trillion in debt. Democrats are increasing that to 32 Trillion. This will make our debt ratio over 1.5 to 1. Historically, most countries economies begin to collapse at 1.6 to 1. If you think about the Nation’s situation, the Federal budget needs to be reduced to under 3 trillion per year and 500 Billion of that needs to go paying debt. To do that ALL medical, welfare, and education needs to be removed from the federal budget. The Defense Budget needs to be capped at 2% or about 420 Billion. To spend the kind of money Democrats want to spend, first they would need to grow the Economy by at least 10 Trillion. Even if the Democrats went back to “Trump Rules” that would take at least 10 years. Right now I am planning for a total economic collapse in about 7 years if the “Infrastructure Bill” is passed. If you live in any of the Nation’s 50 largest cities you can look forward to life in a 3rd world slum unless you are now one of the 2%. The Bright Side for the Communist Democrats will be when the Dollar collapses most of the other world economies will collapse too.

  3. Come 2024 the people will be egging for Trump to take office once again and try and repair the massive damage the Democrats have done to the US economy and society.

  4. It’s a hijacking. It’s sad that half the country are allowing this.

    Crook Mitch caused the failure of the senate. To have a bumbling crook and coward “lead” the opposition party as the nation is destroyed is what the USA deserves.

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