Biden’s dogs kicked out of the White House and where’s the cat?


Nice Hallmark picture but the beast is vicious.

Biden’s dogs were kicked out of the White House and sent back to Delaware after one of the creatures bit an agent and they behaved aggressively.

The family’s two German Shepherds, 3-year-old Major and 13-year-old Champ were moved into the White House in January following Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

But a source cited by CNN said the dogs were moved back to Wilmington, Delaware, last week after a “biting incident” involving Major and a member of White House security.

The extent of any injury to the victim is not known, but the incident was deemed serious enough to send both Major and Champ back to the family home.

Much has been made of the First Dogs, Major, and Champ but this is being kept quiet.

Biden said he was going to pick up a cat in a shelter for unity’s sake. Where’s the cat?

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