Andrew Cuomo’s publisher won’t promote his book or reissue it, and no paperbacks too


The publisher of Andrew Cuomo’s self-glorifying book is no longer promoting the book “because of an inquiry into the withholding of data on the deaths of nursing home residents.”

The NY Times reports:

Sales of the book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic,” had already slowed severely as the governor found himself embroiled in overlapping crises of his own making, including a drumbeat of accusations about his inappropriate behavior toward younger women and his aides’ manipulation of nursing home data.

Gillian Blake of Crown Publishing Group said in response to an email from The New York Times that there were “no plans” to reprint Mr. Cuomo’s book or to reissue it in paperback, citing “the ongoing investigation into N.Y.S. reporting of Covid-related fatalities in nursing homes.”

The New York Times editorial board demanded answers from Kavanaugh?  They aren’t as concerned about him.

No one is seriously trying to impeach him,  unlike Justice Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

Some of the things they are saying about Cuomo are ridiculous, however. The problem is the deaths of the elderly. He caused the deaths. The media is making it about harassed women to distract from the real issue. These harassment claims are basically no-never-minds. One woman claimed she didn’t feel valued. Oh brother. What about the elderly?

They should take his Emmy away too.


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