Biden’s economy is pathetic


The Biden budget is a disaster for the economy. If he would only leave it alone, it would come back strong.

People aren’t back in the workforce because they make more on unemployment. Those numbers aren’t in the unemployment numbers.

Biden predicts weak 2% or less annual growth for the next ten years. Along with that, we have inflation.

Two major things have come out of massive spending and taxing: much lower growth and inflation.

Job growth and economic growth have slowed down because of the massive spending.


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This is evidently what these woke socialists wanted, to have us look eventually like Venezuela and only the elite Marxists succeed. I wonder if some of these jokers are having buyers remorse. After all, I find it amazing how someone can win a presidential election campaigning from his basement.

2 years ago

We were all set for a 6% plus expansion of the economy. Then, along came Traitor Joe and the Democrats. Democrats have a well established record of being unable to Govern that goes back over 100 years. The Traitor Joe economic plan is for the Democrats to steal as much as they can before they are swept out of Office.

Jonestown Democracy Cult
Jonestown Democracy Cult
2 years ago

Who will pay the stimmy when no one works?
Now you know why the corporate woke mania is so pronounced, pitchforks and torches.
BTW-are these woke corporations purging all slave labor shops and paying for any past indiscretions or wrongthink?
Do persons of color (POC) get the same pensions and benefits as the other Benetton comrades?
Did those POC who worked there in the past get the proper wage?
Someone needs to look into this in the spirit of the collective unity.