Biden’s EPA Rule Destroys Coal and Natural Gas by 2035


In 12 years, coal and natural gas pollution standards mandate that coal and natural gas power plants capture 90% of carbon emissions. First of all, it’s impossible, and secondly, it has to start immediately if it’s to be completed by 2035.

The EPA claims it will eliminate emissions equivalent to half the cars in the US. Plants can convert to 30% hydrogen or shut down forever by 2038. [Hydrogen is unworkable.]

Once they destroy all these plants, and all this fails as it must, it will take generations to bring it back if one of our foreign enemies doesn’t take us over by then. This is a serious national security threat.

It’s a full-scale attack on energy.

The rule is illegal and a complete overreach by the EPA. The Supreme Court has already told them they can’t do it, and Congress has given them no such mandate.

The rule is an attempt to circumvent Congress and the Supreme Court.

The EPA, without Congress or the permission of the American people, just sentenced fossil fuels to death. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden agency’s new rule means the end of natural gas-fueled electricity.

The Inflation Reduction Act didn’t have enforcement actions, so the Biden administration used the EPA to take care of that. They are circumventing Congress.

The 681-page Environmental Protection Agency proposed rule amounts to a death sentence for fossil-fuel power plants, says the Wall Street Journal.

The rule forces a generation shift in electric power to renewables from coal. This is after the Supreme Court rejected it in the Clean Power Act.

Basically, the Biden regime is ignoring the Supreme Court and Congress. This is tyranny.

Energy will be extremely costly and this will seriously harm or destroy the middle class.


From the IER:

EPA’s proposed power plant rule hits coal plants particularly hard since they would need an extremely expensive technology that is not yet commercial to allow coal plants to generate electricity in the United States. But, the new proposed rule would also wreak havoc on natural gas plants. Biden’s 681-page Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed rule would require natural gas plants to blend hydrogen into fuel to survive. Natural gas plants would have to co-fire with 30 percent hydrogen by 2032 and 96 percent hydrogen by 2038.

But to be politically acceptable, that hydrogen would have to be produced from renewable electricity (green hydrogen), which is three to four timesmore expensive. If hydrogen produced from natural gas were allowed, which is generally the way hydrogen is produced today, it would defeat the purpose of forcing hydrogen in natural gas plants. With this rule, politicians are escaping the wrath of citizens for skyrocketing electricity prices by blaming it on electric utilities.

Then comes the NOx emissions

Blending more hydrogen into gas also increases NOx emissions and puts plants out of compliance with other EPA regulations. To reduce NOx, power plants would have to install new turbines and other costly equipment, some of which is only now being developed. Natural gas plants’ other alternative is to add expensive carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) equipment, similar to coal plants, which will also add to consumers’ bills. EPA’s new power plant rule makes coal and natural gas plants so expensive that utilities will be forced to build politically correct wind and solar plants, and raise rates to pay for the new generating technologies…


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9 months ago

The problem is that a President has right to do this; until the Congress is willing to stop him.

The War on CO2 is insanity and if carried too far will lead to crop failures. The world has record Food Harvest due to Petroleum Based Fertilizer and high levels of CO2 which plants and forest need.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

They may actually be able to implement this, given that they are able to steal elections, and the opposition is weak and complicit.

Power costs would rise much.

Removing CO2 is harder than removing SO2. And there is much more of it, what would be done with the hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste?