Biden’s FAA Nominee Withdraws Over His Corruption Scandals


You might remember Biden’s nominee to lead the FAA, Phil Washington. He couldn’t answer a single question. The Left attacked Republicans for asking Mr. Washington simple questions he couldn’t answer. Mr. Washington has since withdrawn his name from consideration, but not because he doesn’t know anything. Mr. Washington is involved in a pay-to-play scandal while CEO of LA Metro. He didn’t do very well in his job before that, either.

Legacy media failed to mention the corruption allegations against him.

Metro CEO appointee Phil Washington at a reception for Flint and Washington, Monday, August 3, 2015, at Los Angeles City Hall. (Michael Baker)

Washington was the head of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority from 2015 to 2021. Allegedly, he issued a no-bid contract in the amount of $494,000 to a nonprofit group headed by one of Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro board member Sheila Kuehl’s friends to shore up Kuehl’s support.

The warrant, secured by then-Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, resulted in a search of Kuehl’s home. Local law enforcement looked for correspondence between Kuehl and several people, including Washington.

That’s not his only problem.

In one case, he issued a no-bid contract for a nonprofit group to establish a sexual harassment hotline for the agency with a cost that worked out to $8,000 a call.

In May 2022, Mayor Eric Garcetti failed to renew his contract to head LA Metro, making him a perfect Biden candidate to head the FAA.

Swindled the CEO of Denver Airport?

According to The Current Report, “Allegations of wrong-doing (an understatement to say the least) in Los Angeles sent him packing to Colorado where he somehow swindled the CEO of Denver International Airport; a position he almost lost (and should have) after Political Corruption Expert, Adam Loew exposed Washington’s lie by omission to the Denver City Council regarding his role in the criminal warrants that were being reviewed by the California Second District Court of Appeal.”


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
10 months ago

Unbelievable! A gangster thug of the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer Crime syndicate caught?