Biden’s family were slave owners & related to Jefferson Davis’s wife


It was not until after Biden won the presidency that Bannerman and Roberts created their genealogy, allowing Bannerman …to confirm…what some people online had already been claiming about Thomas Randle and the Robinettes.

~ Politico

Irish American Joe O’Biden, as an aide says he was called as a senator, descended from a family of slave owners, according to Politico reporting on a genealogist examination of Biden’s ancestors.

Biden commissioned a genealogist to study his history and he uses his Irish side publicly when it suits him. He ignores his English side, which is most of his ancestry.

Timothy Meagher, a professor emeritus at Catholic University and scholar of Irish American history said, “He plays on it [his Irish ancestry], some of it consciously,” Politico reported.

It helped his ‘average Joe’ and ‘Kennedy mystique’ as he climbed the political ladder.

The “rest of his family tree rarely comes up. And that side of the family has a more complicated legacy.” writes the author of the Politico article, Ben Schreckinger.

“Left out of the fanfare was most of Biden’s paternal lineage, which is about three-quarters English. While he has made a habit of name-checking his father’s Irish Hanafee ancestors, Biden’s non-Irish ancestry has not played a prominent role in his public image,” reports Politico

“Back in 2004, the then-senator cold-called James Petty, a genealogist in Salt Lake City (the Mormon Church runs the world’s greatest genealogical research library there). Biden initially wanted help researching his Scranton ancestors. Eventually, he commissioned a complete genealogy. The results were not published,” the outlet reports.

That takes us to experts in presidential lineages, Gary Boyd Roberts and Alexander Bannerman who worked on a complete Biden genealogy.

Turns Out His Family Were Confederate Slavers

From the Politico report:

Roberts and Bannerman co-authored an article on Biden’s ancestry for the Winter 2021 issue of American Ancestors. The magazine is a publication of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. It is a widely cited authority in the field of ancestry.

Bannerman found that some of Biden’s ancestors enslaved people.

Biden’s great-great-great-grandfather, Jesse Robinett enslaved two people in Allegany County, Maryland, in the 1800 census.

Another 3rd-great-grandfather, Thomas Randle, enslaved a 14-year-old male in the 1st District of Baltimore County, Maryland, in 1850.

In 1860, census records show that Randle and his family had moved to Baltimore County’s 13th District, Bannerman said. An 1860 slave schedule for the 13th District again shows Randle enslaving a single man.

In the article, Bannerman and Roberts do note a distant tie to Varina Anne Banks Howell, the wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, via Biden’s ancestor Allen Robanet (Robinet), who probably came to Pennsylvania from England in the 1680s. Bannerman said it was the first presidential kinship tie to Howell that he has come across in his research.

For a person with colonial ancestry, Bannerman said, Biden’s ties to slavery were relatively modest. “Not a lot of ancestors, and not a lot of slaves,” he said.

It’s usually enough for the cancel culture.

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Htos 1av
Htos 1av
2 years ago

A true yellowdog dixiecrat!

Mean Boy Czar
Mean Boy Czar
2 years ago

Kennedy was a fearless WAR hero who served as a PT boat captain and probably saved the world from nuclear Armageddon.
The Stalingrad saving Khrushchev would have smashed Jo Jo Magoo’s mint condition lunch box and done whatever he wanted with no direct phone line to the Kremlin being set up.
JFK didn’t need to be a sniffy pop either as the women folk were very fond of him.
Smoke and mirrors lies is all the CPUSA has.
Some groups are born to be slaves and can’t see that they are already in chains as they hide behind the skirt of mommygov and act hard. (wayciss!)

2 years ago

The Democrat Party was started as a Party of Slave Owners. I bet most Democrats have an ancestry of Slave Owners, even a lot of Blacks. There were at least 10% Black Slave owners in the South. In fact, we had institutional life long Slavery in America due a Law Suit brought in Virginia by a Black man in the 1650’s. Until then there was Indentured Servitude which was for 7 years. Technically, It was a Black Man, Anthony Johnson, who created Slavery in the Americas. (Look up Anthony Johnson and John Casor who was the first none criminal Slave for life in America.) While the issue of Slavery is very complex, Liberals conveniently overlook this chapter in History. A reality is that societies saw nothing wrong with slavery in the 1600’s. Kind of like Liberals see nothing wrong with Socialism and Communism today, both of which are a form of Slavery with dependence on Government. Apparently, the need to control the lives of other is hereditary; some defective gene.