Mark Milley ordered military command TAKE A LOYALTY OATH TO HIM


The new book Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa is meant to damage Donald Trump and it attempts to justify a potential act of treason by a windblown general. It reveals, if true, that General Milley betrayed then-President Donald Trump and the nation.

The media has swiftly come to defend Milley’s potential act of treason. Yet, it is even worse than first reported in The Washington Post.


As reported by CNN’s summary of the book, General Milley demanded total loyalty to him from the military command, and not to the President. He even made each commander take an oath TO HIM.

During his secret meeting on January 8th, Milley instructed senior military officials in charge of the National Military Command Center to not take orders from anyone unless he was involved, according to a summary of the book by CNN.

“No matter what you are told, you do the procedure. You do the process. And I’m part of that procedure,” Milley told them.

“Got it?” Milley asked, according to the book.

“Yes, sir.”

“Milley considered it an oath,” Woodward and Costa wrote.

As he was disloyal to the President and the American people, he made the command swear fealty to him.

That is in violation of his own oath. His bizarre reaction to Chinese propaganda was to violate the Constitution and demand the military remain loyal to him, not the President.

We don’t live in a military, police state. Civilians have control of the military. Milley reversed that in collusion with the Democrat Speaker of the House and Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.


The book had revealed that Milley, through two back-channel phone calls with China’s top general, reassured him that the U.S. would not attack, even promising to give him a heads up if it did.

According to a write-up by the Washington Post, Milley — four days before the 2020 presidential election — assured his Chinese counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army, that the U.S. would not strike.

Also according to the book, Milley told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “I agree with you on everything,” after the speaker called him and pressed him to secure the country’s nuclear weapons and called Trump “crazy.”

Woodward and Costa write that after the call with Pelosi, Milley “decided he had to act” and told the military service chiefs and then-CIA director to watch everything “all the time.”

They wrote, “Milley was overseeing the mobilization of America’s national security state without the knowledge of the American people or the rest of the world.”

“Some might contend that Milley had overstepped his authority and taken extraordinary power for himself,” they wrote, but said the chairman believed his actions were “a good faith precaution to ensure there was no historic rupture in the international order, no accidental war with China or others, and no use of nuclear weapons” as Milley “felt no absolute certainty that the military could control or trust Trump.”

It doesn’t matter what he thought. He had an obligation to follow the chain of command, not take over militarily. The military is clearly under civilian control.

This is a very serious betrayal of the President and the American people. It looks like treason.

Now compare Joe Biden’s utter incompetence and feeble-mindedness to Trump’s demeanor. It’s insane.



  1. Milley is a sick warped and twisted man who is a danger to America. A traitor to the Constitution and the oath he took. A total disgrace to the uniform, the military, and our country. He needs to be removed forthwith. Brought before a military tribunal judged and sentenced. If found guilty, be stripped of his rank and pension and suffer the consequences of Treason.

    • He must of watched Bert Lancaster in five days in may once to often in his bunker. This guy needs to be removed or a net tossed over him. BBBBB thats all folks!!

    • And this is why President Trump did not invoke the tailor-made EO for this situation and/or provisions of the Insurrection Act. He was aware (or being advised by those who were) that the senior military leaders would not follow his orders if he were to take those steps. It was then that the President knew how boxed in he was.

  2. The Military takes an oath to the Constitution, not a General or a President. It appears that Milley should see a Court Martial on numerous charges. When Milley went Political after walking over the Church, I couldn’t understand why President Trump didn’t have him “retire”. The Military obviously has it’s own Bureaucrat Deep State Issues and I don’t think the Generals can be trusted. They are too worried about their big money jobs in the Military Industrial Complex when they retire. In America, Patriotism seems to be for sale. My only regret about President Trump was that he was far too tolerant of Treasonous Bastards. I’m beginning to think that was a Pence Influence and now I seriously wonder about Pence’s Patriotism.

    I’m pretty sure Pence had the power to not accept any Electors if there was an indication of Fraud or Wrong Doing and could have bounced the election of those electors back to the State Legislatures. The Constitution says the Legislatures, not the people or a State Secretary picks Electors. Many States had “ILLEGAL” mail-in balloting and none of those electors should have been accepted. Many States violated their own election laws. As long as there is mail in Ballots and drop boxes there will be fraud.

    If you are too lazy to get an ID, Register to Vote, and understand English, than you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Countries should have only one official Language and proficiency in that language should be a requirement for Citizenship. Diversity has never been a positive thing. It’s just a way to divide a nation! One of the reason the US Military functions so well is Proficiency in English is a requirement. Why is High School level English not a requirement for Citizenship or even a Green Card? Why would the Military allow any Afghan who wasn’t proficient in English on a flight out of Kabul?

  3. As a former US Marine, I can attest that the President is the Commander in Chief, the 6-Star General, El Jefe, The Boss, The Big Guy.

    Not any General that is just a military minion. We have civilians in control of the government for a reason… because of dangerous nutjobs like Milley and the rest of them.

  4. What a Megalomaniac. It is a forgone conclusion he will suffer no repercussions, except for being allowed to retire with all perks and benefits.

  5. “I vow to you, Joe Chi Minh, as Comrade Chairman and Big Guy of the Great Reset Leap Forward, loyalty and bravery. I vow to you and to the leaders that you set for me, absolute allegiance until death. So help me Dominion”.

    Interesting Times are a feature and not a bug to our good buddy communist allies on the other side of the world.
    As long as Hunter and the crime families can be rich who needs a fading republic anyway.

  6. While Woodward is a hack, all this talk of Milley getting other high-ranking military officers to swear loyalty to him bears an unusual similarity to what has already been reported to have occurred on 14 April. Milley was arrested then for a traitorous outburst in the Pentagon. Could it really be him that we see after he cut a deal to save himself or is this a body double of some sort? Either way, “Milley” has sure put on a clown show. Read the account for yourself:

    • More than likely another Q-Anon “fact”. This isn’t the First occasion of, “our source said…”. And here’s how to know it’s one big Crock:

      The envelope held an arrest warrant issued by the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. It named Gen. Milley as a traitor to America and its people.

      And This:

      In closing, our source said Milley and Hokanson have since been shipped to Guantanamo Bay, where they will ultimately answer to a military tribunal.

      This article was from MAY. Was it a body double that has been in the briefings. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Quit believing the dumbest of conspiracies.

    • And another thing, We’ve been hearing about these “White Hat” operatives from Before Trump was first elected. It was claimed They orchestrated Trump’s win, and they would be working behind to scenes to clean up The Swamp. Well, how’d That turn out for ya. Whoever is, and has been putting out this garbage need to Wake Up. Believing this crap causes the people to sit idly by and do Nothing, when they Should be getting involved. It is More believable all this is nothing but a clandestine operation to breed complacency, and it sure has been working.

  7. This is yet another example of a fascist democRAT BASTARD Communist liberal leftist who thinks he knows better than the American people and the United States Constitution.

  8. At best he deserves to break rocks for the rest of his days, at worst a hood over his head standing in front of a firing squad!

  9. When you stack this up against the Biden senility these are not the actions of a single man, but the actions of someone working out side the Constitutional frame work of this country. This is the coup and Milley is just part of it. They all need to be hunted down, tired and summarily dealt with by the people since it’s clear the current junta is in on it.

  10. “Mark Milley ordered military command TAKE A LOYALTY OATH TO HIM”
    And the military command stupidly followed the order which they did not have to because the President is the Commander-In-Chief (at least Donald Trump was, Biden is nothing but a blubbering senile pile of crap).

  11. Hitler made his Army take an oath to him whats the difference fat ass thinks he is pretty important when all he is is a fat assed traitor .This bastard has to go he should be in jail if all this is true and I bet it is.He is a communist just like his double dealin boss old traitor Joe Bitreme.

  12. Milley wants a loyalty oath to herselfish highnesse- I thought the oath was to preserve freedom in this nation, nut his lgbto jewish agenderbender two headed snake. This seems something hitler or stalin or mad mao or bibis would do. Oh well what goes around comes around, democrats sincluded

  13. If this oath to Milley business is true, then Milley committed a prima facia act of treason. At the least, he should be relieved and an investigation launched.

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