Biden’s Flying in Illegal Crossers on “Secretive Foreign Flights”


There is no safety for honest men but by believing all possible evil of evil men.

~ Edmund Burke

Todd Bensman posted on X, “Our Government just let in 240,000 illegal immigrants.” He stated that the government let 240,000 illegal immigrants fly into the US and then let them go. “Where are they now? The government doesn’t know.”

He spoke with Steve Bannon, “DHS has been authorizing the flights from foreign countries directly into 43 US airports, so far 221,000 migrants [illegal aliens] uncounted, never discussed, never published.”

The Biden regime is flying these people in to avoid the optics of illegal aliens gaming the amnesty system.

“This is a family reunification parole program using the CBP One app but in foreign countries South of Mexico,” Bensman said. “he administration lets them apply for travel authorization, and then they have to buy their own airfare, which is far less than if they were to pay for smuggling so it’s a great deal for them. And then they pick whatever airport they want to fly into [the United States].

It isn’t just four nationalities that the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) got through FOIA litigation. There are also Colombians, Ukrainians, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Hondurans.

“So, the 221,000 that we disclose in the piece today at is going to be an undercount. There’s going to be far more than that, and that’s just for this year since January. They have been flying into 43 different airports… they will not give us the names of the airports.”

He knows of 221,000 from four countries, and there were at least five other countries.

It stands to reason Biden’s flying the illegals into New York, Chicago, and so many other cities.

As reported on Friday, at least 7.5 million illegal crossers entered under Biden, and 5.18 million were single adult men of military fighting age. That doesn’t count these flights, the boats coming into Florida, and those coming in through Canada.

How many terrorists, foreign enemies, cartel members, and deadbeats are coming in this invasion? We don’t know, but we know they are.

Biden and Mayorkas said they were going to do it in 2015. Still, people voted for this. It’s destroying the country and feeding into the globalist goals.

Biden promised this for years.

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