Biden’s Gaza Pier Is Done for, Kauput, Cooked


The Biden Pier, another great accomplishment, will reopen for a few days, and then it will be gone forever.

The AP reported that the $230 million Biden pier will reopen for a few days and then be dismantled permanently. It operated for 21 days. The food it delivered is piled up, waiting for someone to deliver it. The UN bowed out of deliveries because of the danger.

According to ABC News:

The $230 million pier system, known as Joint Logistics Over the Shore (JLOTS), had been authorized to remain operational in Gaza through July 31, and despite U.S. officials openly discussing its remaining operational beyond that date, it now appears it will cease operation before even reaching the end of the month.

The pier was never able to sustain itself through high winds. When Hamas wasn’t firing rockets at the soldiers on the pier, it was breaking up and floating away. Hamas stole most of the food to sell to Gazans at exorbitant prices.

Rep. Mast said it’s emblematic of the Biden presidency.

Rep. Mast commemorates the pier:

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