Biden’s Immigration Plan” Fly People in Who Claim Asylum


According to Stephen Miller, President of America First Legal, “Today, Joe Biden has announced to the world that he is going to further violate and desecrate the immigration laws and borders of the United States. His plan to provide mass amnesty to 30,000 illegal aliens a month — flying them or allowing them into the United States outside of established immigration programs — is as brazen an assault on the rule of law as one can fathom.”

He’s zeroing in on Cuba, Nicaragua, and Hait, countries filled with warlords and violent communists, but he’s not limiting himself to those countries.

It’s modeled after the illegal DACA program. He calls it asylum. Everything is asylum, and every illegal alien is an asylum seeker. He’s destroyed our immigration system. There was never anything wrong with it. All they had to do was follow it.

“Biden’s lawless executive edict also includes a promise of faster catch-and-release at the border (what they refer to as Title 8 processing) and faster admission of illegal aliens at our ports of entry. Lawlessness heaped upon lawlessness. America First Legal will pursue every available legal remedy to fight this colossal horror.”

This is Biden’s plan to stop the surge. He has an app being developed to allow illegal aliens from all over the world to apply for asylum.

Biden’s new border programs allow almost every person in the world to come into the United States illegally.


Please, God, make this destruction of our country stop.

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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 year ago

Except the northern border. If you try to cross that illegally, they’ll shoot you.