AG allows illegal aliens to claim asylum over domestic abuse or fear of gangs


Attorney General Merrick Garland has broadened the definitions of asylum to allow people from anywhere in the world to claim domestic abuse and fear of gangs as reasons for asylum.

Asylum allows for a period of financial support and Green Cards. In other words, they will all be able to vote soon. Green Cards are a path to citizenship.

Asylum seekers merely have to say they fear domestic abuse or gangs — if past is prologue — past as in the Obama era.

Democrats and their communist/socialist allies are trying to destroy our asylum laws.

The Trump administration argued against it and returned to the original intent of the asylum system that envisioned people fleeing actual government persecution, rather than gang violence or domestic abuse claims that are common in most countries.

Open borders advocates, many funded by Soros organizations, say the asylum system had been able to accommodate those claims for some years before Mr. Trump and can do so again.

“Rescinding these cruel decisions is the first critical step to returning to our humanitarian obligations,” said Kate Melloy Goettel, legal director of litigation at the American Immigration Council.

Is it cruel to not invite the entire world into the country?

A depraved and open borders attorney general, Merrick Garland on Wednesday erased the two Trump precedents.


At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security is turning screening over to far-left private groups. They will receive public funding for refugee and asylum services which carries a built-in conflict of interest. The International Rescue Committee, one of the six DHS-approved organizations, was, at last count, the recipient of $493,570,089 in government grants (two-thirds of its funding) for refugee placements.

Robert Law of the Center for Immigration Studies said DHS’ “unusual agreement” raises still more concerns, among them:  What measures are in place to ensure these organizations are not accepting bribes (or subjected to coercion) in exchange for recommendations? How can foreign organizations be expected to act in America’s best interests? Who is responsible for ensuring aliens leave the country if their asylum claims are denied?

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