Absolute Insanity: DOJ Might Approve Legal Drug Dens


A report by Michael Shellenberger and Leighton Woodhouse warns that Joe Biden might legalize opium dens in the next few days. We’re waiting for word from Merrick Garland, our Attorney General. Garland is expected to announce if they wil legalize and subsidize “supervised drug-use sites.”

At taxpayer expense, health professionals will watch anyone over 18 to inject or smoke fentanyl and other hard drugs.

A lawsuit in Philadelphia by a group that wants to open such a site prompted the upcoming decision.

The proponents of this atrocious policy say they do it in Amsterdam successfully.

There is a big difference, however. They only have 150 people in the program at most. And they only enter the program after every other treatment has been tried. They also help addicts try to overcome their addictions. They don’t simply aid and abet them. The Biden administration has no plans to help these people.

The Biden administration is not advocating for a recovery-based system.

When San Francisco opened such a program illegally, drug addicts and dealers proliferated.

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