Biden’s Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of “Domestic Political Advisors”


Joe Biden spoke at the White House today about one of his favorite topics, gun control. He slurred out the following words. It’s “one of the most significant gun safety laws in thirty years to help keep guns out of the hands of domestic political advisors.” He’s not talking about gangs or cartels, no, not at all. He’s talking about the threat of domestic political advisors.

Maybe he means moms and dads a Board of Education meetings. It’s probably Republican strategists, but we haven’t a clue.

I have no clue what that even means. Biden’s mentally deranged.


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Frank S.
Frank S.
2 months ago

Dementia getting worse. Sadly, it always does.

2 months ago

Hears a novel idea, the Government makes no general laws related to gun control and makes judicious use of the Death Penalty when people wantonly kill people period.

Premeditated Murder should always get the Death Penalty. I’m not against the use of the Death Penalty for Career Criminals. Three Strikes and you’re Gone should be the Norm. Point a gun at a Cop in uniform, you go to the Morgue. All children over 12 should be tried as an adult for gun crimes. If we remove the 2% of Dangerous Criminal from society we would have far less crime. When I was in Singapore, caning was used judiciously and seems to get a criminal’s attention. When it comes to violent crime it should be caned once, caned twice, hanged! When it comes to terrorist crimes like a drive by shooting, it should be straight to the Gallows.

Kings Castle Laws should be strenthened. If the Sign says “Don’t Trespass”, and you do, you should be at the Mercy of the Property Owner.In your home, or on your property you should NEVER have to worry about your safety. When an Illegal Alien trespasses on someone’s property the actions of the property owner should be unrestricted because he should automatically be in fear of his life; over 2,000 people a year are killed by Illegal Aliens. The number should be Zero as there should be Zero Illegal Aliens in America.

All Government gun control does is make it’s Citizens less Safe! Governments try to control Gun Ownership when they are scared of the Citizens. Governments are scared of their Citizens when they are corrupt!

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Something big is in the works…he is assuming his ‘fuddle duddle’ role again…