Biden’s latest COV plan is getting universally slammed


In New York, it’s very hard to get vaccinated for COVID. The system set up for distributing the vaccine is a complete failure. However, Joe Biden has a plan. And no, he isn’t going to rush vaccines.

He’s going to send masks to everyone in the country with our tax money.

Mind you, these masks are available everywhere, cheaply. Every drug store has them. The dollar store has them. Even the supermarket has them.

Just get us the vaccines and stop this nonsense, Joe.

Clueless Joe and his amateur staff don’t know what they are doing. Of all the wasteful dumb things they’ve done in the miserable 15 days he’s held office, this has to be the dumbest.

He probably thinks we’re incapable of getting a mask.

The responses were worth noting, and here’s some of them:

A mask on every face and a chicken in every pot!

My politicians went and destroyed my business and all I got was this stupid mask.

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous waste of OUR money. I think we are all smart enough to find a mask if we want one.

They literally hand them out for free at every store I’ve ever been too…

They’re going to spend like $30 a mask.

I wonder which government official(s) and/or their associates/corporate affiliations, have a stake in the mask manufacturing business.

I wonder what Biden family member will get the contact for this?

Jen Psaki said at the presser today or yesterday, we will still have to wear masks even after we are vaccinated. These people will have us chained to masks for the rest of our lives.

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